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Say No to Goggle Tan.

Nothing ruins a perfect powder day like taking your goggles off to reveal a nasty burn. The cold, wind, snow and sun strip your skin of moisture and leave it red, chapped and flaky. But what if it didn't have to?

That's where Ski Balm comes in. Say goodbye to wind and sunburn with a noncomedogenic, wax based gel that protects your money maker from the elements. With Ski Balm to protect your face and Ski Naked Lip Balm to protect your lips, you'll look as good as you feel après ski.

Go Ahead — Ski Naked.

Alright, I'll admit it: I may have called in "sick" on a few powder days here and there. After an incredible day of shredding down the mountain, I'd take off my goggles to see the dreaded goggle tan I was left with. How was I supposed to explain that to the boss?

After trying every other skin protection product I could find to no avail, I knew something had to be done. So I created Ski Balm to protect, soothe and nourish the skin during a day on the slopes. With natural moisturizers, herbs and vitamins, and sun protection, Ski Balm will make sure you look no worse for the wear after an awesome day in the mountains. So, call in sick - your secret is safe with me.

- Bill, Ski Balm Founder

the horse's mouth

After a long weekend of skiing in the freezing, windy and sunny Colorado mountains, I was so happy to find my skin was soft and not flaky, chapped or sunburned like it usually gets. It also didn’t make me breakout! I’m obsessed with Ski Balm and bought it for my whole family this holiday season. Position as "coolest aunt" is locked in.

Cheryl - Boulder, CO

Obviously, I'm uncomfortably good looking. That's why it is super important that I'm protecting my money-maker on the slopes without covering it up. After all, those after-boarding lodge beers aren't going to pay for themselves. Thanks to Ski Balm, I can display my best asset without worrying about wind or sunburn ruining my game.

Trent - South Lake Tahoe, CA

I am awesome at a lot of things: creating Spotify stations, communicating my feelings, snowboarding and getting my Insta followers stoked on the latest and greatest products for us outdoorsy types. When I pack for a weekend in the snow, Ski Balm is always right next to my cell phone. Both are total necessities when it comes to high-performance and optimum style.

Liz - Beech Mountain, NC