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10 Must-Have Products Depending on the Type of Camper You Are

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Avid outdoorsmen and adventure-seekers everywhere, no matter how self-sufficient and DIY you think you are, you can definitely still benefit from camping gadgets and gizmos that make your time in the great outdoors even better. It might be fun to go all “Tom Hanks in Castaway” style when you go camping, but you’ve got to admit that these camping tools are super cool, trendy and totally useful. Take a look at ten of our favorites for the summer. They had our minds BLOWN.

1. The PackTowel is perfect for that camper who seeks the rivers, the rapids, the waterfalls and the occasional swimming hole. It holds up to four times its weight in water, yet is thin and lightweight. It won’t weigh you down, yet will give you the functionality of an absorbent and fluffy towel.

2. The Fatboy Lamzac is for the camper that wants to lounge, listen, take it all in and doze off. This inflatable lounger requires no pump — just air that you scoop into it. Easy, portable and comfortable.

3.  Skedattle wipes are for the outdoor enthusiast who is earth-friendly in every way — as they should be. These wipes are all-natural and biodegradable so you can protect the environment as you enjoy it. Ah, nature.

4.  Adventure balm is for the outdoorsmen who wakes up and decides to scale a mountain or is totally down to go white water rafting till dusk. They need sun protection and wind protection, so this SPF 40 balm is perfect for their journeys.

5.  A Waterbottle/bluetooth speaker (yes, you heard that right) is for the camper who wants to make any adventure a party, especially with music. No need to pack a separate bluetooth speaker… just remember to pack this water bottle!

6.  The BladeLight Camp lightup knife is for the camper who doubles as a chef, and makes sure the whole camp stays fed. The added LED lights are even convenient for a late night camping snack.

7.  Lifestraw steel is for the hiker. The mover. The one that likes to climb and take as few breaks as possible… except for a water break. This little gadget filters water to deliver water free from bacteria, protozoa, organic chemical matter and chlorine.

8.  The GoScope Boost Plus is for the nostalgic camper. Their adventures rank high on their list of values so they love to document them with their GoPro. The GoScope Boost Plus holds the GoPro in place for dependable coverage of life’s most thrilling moments.

9.  The Sea to Summit X-Bowl is for the most resourceful and organized campers. They know where each and every supply is, how to maximize storage space and conserve resources...just in case. It’s certainly one of their strong suits.

10.  The CamelBak Reservoir is for the athletic outdoorsman. They want to explore, bike, run, climb… you name it. So hydration is key. This CamelBak holds two liters of water, so they seldom have to stop exploring to fill up.



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