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13 Things More Likely to Kill You than a Shark

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Shark week is here! All of you avid adventurers are already among the more curious as it is, but even the most adventurous might still be leery of the ocean. Because sharks live in the ocean. And the chances of getting attacked by a shark are pretty good. Actually, that’s quite false. Here are 13 things that are more likely to kill you than our shark friends of the big blue sea.


Malaria-carrying mosquitos are responsible for more than 800,000 deaths each year and are believed to be the most deadly animal on the planet.


Hippos are cute… kind of? But they cause an alarming average of 2,900 deaths per year. Yikes!


Don’t fear the ocean on vacation. Instead, be cautious about the trees you’re walking under! Falling coconuts account for an average of 150 deaths per year.

4. DEER 

Deer-involved vehicle accidents lead to an average of 130 deaths per year.

5. BEES 

Bee stings and the allergic reactions they cause lead to more than 100 deaths in the U.S. each year.


There are an average of 20-40 deaths in the Philippines each year from anaphylaxis caused by jellyfish stings.

7. ANTS 

Fire ants and Siafu ants of Africa cause approximately 50 deaths per year. Numerous bites from these insects can send one into anaphylactic shock.

8. DOGS 

Dog attacks and dogs with rabies who bite cause between 30 and 40 deaths each year in the U.S.


Next time you reach for the bubbly, maybe choose one with a twist-off cap. Champagne corks cause around 24 deaths per year.


On average, 20 people in the U.S. are killed each year by a horse’s strong kick. Take note — never stand behind a horse!


Cows seem docile, slow-moving and lazy, but believe it or not, just like horses, a kick from a cow totals more than 20 deaths per year.


Poisonous spiders are responsible for about 64 deaths worldwide each year, but less than seven in the United States on average.


So far this year, lightning strikes have killed three people in the United States. A small, number but it still looks like your odds of being struck are better than being killed by a shark.


So just how many deaths, on average, are caused by sharks?

Less than ONE per year in the U.S. and fewer than SIX worldwide. So, don’t be afraid of the ocean and what’s swimming around with you. Reserve caution for cows and coconuts, apparently. And don’t forget the Adventure Balm when surfing, skim boarding and soaking up some rays. 

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