5 Most Annoying Mistakes that Will Ruin a Ski Trip

5 Most Annoying Mistakes that Will Ruin a Ski Trip

So, you've never been skiing before? You have, and hung out in the lodge drinking spiked hot cocoa the whole time? And now you're ready to brave the slopes yourself? Well, in that case, you’ll want to listen up to these top five tips we’ve gathered in order to not make the same mistakes of those beginners who have gone before you. Emerge on that mountainside prepared and equipped to have the best ski trip ever… even if you and the snow get very closely acquainted after a fall or two. It happens.

Mistake #1: Not wearing the right gear

Don’t wear cotton. Don’t wear jeans. Don’t wear anything that isn’t waterproof and simply "hope for the best." It won’t turn out great for you — just trust me on this one. Be sure to invest in or even borrow the right ski gear before going skiing. Nothing will ruin your day like snow drenched clothes and potential frostbite.

Mistake #2: Not protecting your skin

You might be wearing ski goggles, but those won’t protect the rest of your skin. “Okay, but what do I need to protect my skin from?” Well, believe it or not, the sun can really get to you atop those mountains. You aren’t at a beach, laying out and basking in the sun, so it’s easy to forget that you're actually absorbing a lot of rays. The sun is still strong, and even more damaging as it reflects off the snow and onto your skin. Add to that the cold windy air, and then you have windburn to worry about. There’s only one thing that protects against both sunburn and windburn.

Mistake #3: Not staying active prior to your ski trip

If you’re willingly going skiing, you’d probably describe yourself as an active individual. Don’t let that slack leading up to the ski trip. Skiing is hard work; it takes a toll on all your muscles, and you don’t want to be down for the count and exhausted after day one. Stay active up until your trip with a bit of extra cardio!

Mistake #4: Foregoing the beginners lessons

Maybe you’ve done some research, had some conversations and are incredibly convinced that you’re ready to ski. Like, "skip the bunny slopes and slide down the mountain with the big boys" ski . If this is your first time, don’t do that. Just don’t. Listen to an instructor on the basics — pizza and french fries. Don't get distracted by the mention of food! Take some time to invest in some beginner lessons on the basics. You’ll be glad you did.

Mistake #5: Buying all new ski gear

Ski gear can be incredibly expensive, so if you’re not sure if skiing is for you, ask your buddies to borrow theirs. Even if you are sure that skiing is for you, save some cash and rent ski gear it from the ski lodge. Just don’t go broke trying to look stylish on the slopes.  

Check one thing off your list — stock up on Ski balm!