5 Outdoor Adventure Essentials You Need This Spring

5 Outdoor Adventure Essentials You Need This Spring

Spring is FINALLY almost here! That means it’s time to trade in your parka and snow boots for shorts and swimsuits. Whether you’re into hiking, surfing, or just enjoying the warmer weather, springtime is perfect for spending time outdoors. No matter your outdoor activity of choice, we’ve got 5 outdoor essentials that you need for your spring adventures!

An Awesome Water Bottle

Okay this may seem like a no brainer, but if you’re spending your day in the sun, you need to stay hydrated! Instead of carrying plastic water bottles, opt for a reusable one that’s better for the environment (and more stylish). We like this one that compresses to half its size when you’re not using it. Perfect for backpack storage!

Solar Charger

Look, we know that sometimes you just want to escape and go off the grid. But even if you don’t have your phone out, it’s still a good idea to bring it with you (and keep it charged) in case of emergency. This solar charger is compact, which means it’s perfect for bringing on hikes or a day on the boat.

Sun Protection

If you’re in the sun, you need to be wearing sunscreen. That’s obvious. But the type of sunscreen that you’re wearing is also super important. Adventure Balm is a non-comedogenic sun and wind protector that keeps you protected during all of your outdoor adventures. It also comes in 2 sizes, 0.6oz and 1.5oz, which makes it great for throwing in your pocket for reapplication.

Multi Tool

You never know when you’re going to get yourself in a sticky situation. Having a multi tool available can be helpful when you get caught in a branch, need to repair torn clothing, or even open a beer after your long day of hiking. We love this one with 10 tools - everything from tweezers to a wire cutter.

Layers, layers, layers

No matter how many times you check the weather app on your phone, that sunny day can turn chilly in a heartbeat. Building with thin, breathable layers is a great way to make sure you stay cool while you’re hiking, warm when the wind picks up, and dry when that rain comes out of nowhere.

Whatever you’re doing when spring time starts, make sure that you’re prepared for your long days in the sun. With all of your outdoor essentials, you’ll be ready for whatever adventures spring throws your way. Goodbye snow, HELLO sun!