6 Summer Camps that will Make You Wish You Were 12 again

6 Summer Camps that will Make You Wish You Were 12 again

Raise your hand if you were sent to summer camp as a kid. I personally only experienced summer camps though my television screen by playing The Parent Trap over and over again. Or American Pie Band Camp when I was a bit older. But have you seen some of the summer camps that exist? They are incredible, picturesque places with the most amazing activities and I only wish I was young again so I could beg my parents to send me to one rather than asking for a swimming pool… Check out some of these spots.


This camp focuses on marine activities, marine biology, water sports and more. They offer camps in the British Virgin Islands, Tahiti, Peru, Australia, Ecuador and the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. Say what?!


Situated in Nobleboro, Maine, Kieve Summer Camp is everything you would expect from the great outdoors of Maine. Fishing, water activities, camping, hiking, swimming, sports — every kids’ (and adults!) dream!


Another stunning camp in Fayette, Maine is Camp Vega for girls. Every outdoor activity you could think of, and even cheerleading, stunting, gymnastics, music, theater and sailing. And whatever that awesome contraption is on the lake. I want in on that. (And I know I’m not the only one.)


Kids have the chance to board and live on a 50-foot monohull or 45-foot catamaran and sail, scuba dive, paddle board and engage in marine biology activities for up to two weeks. #Blessed.


For around $11,300, boys and girls can attend this camp in Preston Park, Pennsylvania, heavily focused on sports and environmental activities. It looks as if it boasts amazing sunsets too.


Also in the Northeastern United States, Camp Walt Whitman lies in New Hampshire on 300 acres overlooking a lake. Campers engage in all the usual summer camp activities including backpacking, and it looks as if they reach some pretty impressive heights.

So… how does one become an instructor at one of these camps? Enough daydreaming. We adults can partake in just as as much summer fun. Just don’t forget to pack Adventure Balm when you’re showing off your wakeboarding tricks, hiking the Appalachian Trail, mountain biking or enjoying any other fun that summer brings. Adventure on!