8 Mountain Essentials for Your Next Ski Trip

8 Mountain Essentials for Your Next Ski Trip

snow ski packing list gearPacking for a ski trip can be stressful. It can seem impossible to pack all of your gear up in one suitcase without forgetting something essential. We assume you remembered your ski pants and gloves (otherwise you’ll probably be hitting up the ski shop as soon as you arrive), so we’ve made a list of the other ten essentials you may not have thought of. Check out these items and you’ll feel prepared for anything on the mountain!






Anti-Fog Gel

There’s nothing worse than when you’re about to go down the mountain and you realize your goggles are starting to fog up. Not only is it a nuisance, it’s also incredibly unsafe! Luckily, there are anti-fog gels that keep your goggles or glasses free from fog for 8 hours. This one from Sven Can See is made specifically for freezing temps, so you can be sure you’ll be seeing the entire mountain all day.


Extra Warm Socks

You know when you come in from the slopes and you can’t feel your toes anymore? That won’t happen with Heat Holders Socks. Made with special heavy bulk yarn, these socks are crazy warm. They trap the warm air that your body puts off and keeps them warm all day. They’re also super comfortable, and that’s always a plus.


Ski Balm

One of the first things people forget about protecting while they’re on the slopes is their skin. It’s freezing on the mountain so what’s the harm? The thin mountain air, blowing wind, and sun reflecting off the snow is a recipe for sunburn and windburn. Protect your skin with Ski Balm, a thin balm designed to prevent sunburn and windburn at the same time. No goggle tan? That’s a win.


GoTenna Mesh

Have you ever been on the slopes, trying to find a friend only to realize you don’t have cell service? GoTenna Mesh lets you send private messages, group messages, and track your location all with a tiny networking device. It’s easier to use (and less dorky) than walkie talkies with more range than your cell phone. Plus, it can be used later for hikes or international travel - anywhere that you don’t have reliable cell service!


Bluetooth Headphones

You want to listen to your favorite jams while you’re riding down the mountain, but your free headphones just aren’t cutting it - they get tangled, they can’t handle the moisture, and they just don’t get loud enough. These SoundPEATS bluetooth headphones can fit under your helmet, last for 7 hours, and have volume controls on the wire. When you’re not using them, they snap together to form a “necklace” so they won’t go flying off your neck either!


Lip Balm

Don’t be that guy who ends a great day on the slopes with dry, crusty lips from the wind and sun. Chapped lips are easily prevented by applying a chapstick designed to stand up to the rigors of a day spent outside. This chapstick from Ski Balm has SPF 30 to protect you from the sun and a moisturizing formula, so you’ll stay kissable throughout your ski trip.


Fanny Pack

Now that we’ve given you a million things to bring with you on the mountain, you’ll need something to carry them in. A waterproof fanny pack, like this one from Patagonia, is the perfect way to keep everything you need handy while you’re skiing or snowboarding. And trust us, fanny packs are coming back in style - you heard it here first!


Sink Detergent

You’ve finished your day of skiing and some of your gear is wet, dirty, and stinking. Sound familiar? Instead of putting on that same gross gear day-after-day, try washing your items and drying them overnight! Some resorts have washers and dryers, but save yourself some hassle and just wash what you need in your sink. These sink detergent packets from Tide or Dreft are great for doing small loads of laundry in your room. Clean socks, FTW.

Making sure you’re completely packed for a Ski Trip can be overwhelming, but with this list you can be sure you have everything and more. Now all that’s left to do is hit those slopes!