Have You Met Adventure Balm?

Have You Met Adventure Balm?

You love Ski Balm for it’s winter protection against sun and wind, but what if you could use it all year round? Well I’ve got some good news for you. You can get that same non-greasy protection 365 days a year with Adventure Balm!

Adventure Balm has the same great formula that you love, designed for your adventures all year long. From running to kayaking to hiking, we’ve got you covered. With a non-comedogenic formula, Adventure Balm is perfect for wearing every time you’re in the sun, because sunburn and windburn aren’t just winter problems! We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite places to wear Adventure Balm, but the possibilities are endless!


Whether it’s a long trail or a climbing a mountain, a hike is never complete without sun protection. Adventure Balm is the perfect size to keep in your pocket for reapplication as you keep trekking along.

Running a Marathon (or a 5k or a half)

No matter the distance you’re running, the last thing you want is your sunscreen getting in your eyes. With a wax-gel, non-comedogenic base, you can be sure that Adventure Balm will stay put while protecting you from the sun and wind.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While Adventure Balm won’t replace your everyday sunscreen for your body, it’s perfect for outdoor water activities like paddle boarding or kayaking. Adventure Balm can keep you protected from sun reflection and wind off of the water.

Adventuring With Your Dog

If you enjoy being outside with your furry friend but are worried about their paws on the hot ground, Adventure Balm can help. Rub a little on their paws and it will help protect against hot cement, and it’s completely dog-safe!

Horseback Riding

Spending all day on your horse? That’s a recipe for sunburn disaster. Adventure Balm can protect your face from the sun and won’t budge so you can always stay focused on your riding skills.

Day Drinking

The ultimate outdoor activity. Adventure Balm can protect you whether you’re in your backyard or at a local brewery. Plus, the non-greasy formula means it can be layered over makeup and your face won’t look shiny in all your instagrams. Success.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

There’s nothing worse than being halfway up and something gets in your eye, totally throwing you off. With Adventure Balm, there’s no need to worry about sunscreen in your eyes while you totally own that mountainside.

No matter what you’re doing outside, Adventure Balm is the perfect sidekick. Whether you’re biking, climbing, or just relaxing, Adventure Balm can protect you against sunburn and windburn. With a puck of Adventure Balm in your pocket, it’s time to get out there and start exploring!