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Protect your Face this Winter

Posted by Kristen Creed on

If you spend more-than-average amounts of time outside in the cold, you need to know this. Bitter, cold winter weather is harsh on your skin. That’s probably why your skin feels flaky, irritated and extremely dry. And even your lips. If they’re more chapped than usual, yep… you guessed it… cold air. It literally strips your skin of any moisture it can, which is why you need to protect your face even more this time of year, when you ski, when you walk to work in the morning, when you run outside, whatever you’re doing out there in the cold.

You see, low humidity in winter air, heat in our homes and hot showers are all taxing to the moisture in our skin. So having a product that locks in that necessary moisture is key.

Ski Balm comes in a puck-shaped container that can be thrown in your ski jacket or purse or fanny pack or backpack… but this time of year, it tends to wiggle its way into one’s skin routine, because again, skin gets pretty desperate in cold temperatures and dry air. So when you try it once for that upcoming ski trip or that winter half marathon, you’ll actually find that it’s quite versatile at protecting skin and keeping it moisturized.

So there’s only one thing left to do. Pick your puck and protect your face this winter! Side note: Ski Balm isn’t necessarily a moisturizer. But if you’re out in cold temperatures, have really dry winter skin and need an extra layer of protection, this is the perfect product for that.

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