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Shark Week...There’s a Drinking Game for That

Posted by Kristen Creed on

Shark Week is coming! Shark Week is coming! The week-long Discovery channel event begins July 23 and will be broadcasted in a total of 72 countries. It’s a pretty big deal, and has been since its first week-long debut in 1988. The event was originally purposed to raise awareness and essentially, gain respect for sharks through factual programming and documentaries. But most recently, the event has aired entertainment-only “documentaries” that don’t hold much truth about the creatures, but are nonetheless, entertaining to watch. So there’s that. Some people aren’t happy about it, but I’m willing to bet they’ll still be tuning in…

We definitely will be. And we’re here to make the most of it, and help you do the same… drinking game style. Here are the rules.

  1. Drink each time you hear a British, Australian or South African accent
  2. Drink whenever a shark expert’s credentials are cited
  3. Drink each time you see a diver in a cage
  4. Drink when someone enters “shark infested waters”
  5. Drink each time you see a surfboard or diver in the same frame as a shark
  6. Drink whenever you see a chewed up surfboard
  7. Drink each time you see a shark leaping out of the water
  8. Drink whenever a shark attacks another animal
  9. Finish your drink if that animal is a seal
  10. Drink at any mention of Jaws or if you hear Jaws theme music
  11. Drink whenever a shark attack victim talks about the attack
  12. Drink when a diver or anyone else swears
  13. Drink because SHARKS ARE AWESOME… and we love shark week!
I wonder if any of those shark experts and divers protect their skin with Adventure Balm

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