The 9 Most Important Rules to Throwing a Friendsgiving

The 9 Most Important Rules to Throwing a Friendsgiving

Hosting or attending a friendsgiving this year? Very exciting. Some would even suggest that friendsgiving is actually more exciting than one’s traditional Thanksgiving. So let’s make sure yours is the best one possible. Simple etiquette comes with hosting or attending a friendsgiving, and when followed properly, these rules will ensure that the event does not disappoint.

Hosting? You’re doing the turkey. No questions asked. It’s not easy for one of your guests to make and transport the turkey. It’s just common knowledge that the host covers the meat. Just make sure your turkey is the right size to feed all your guests — it is the star of the show. (Opinions vary, potato lovers.)

Set a date. Set a time. Invite everyone more than a week in advance and make sure these specifics are clear.

The good news for the host? The host isn’t responsible for anything else. They’re providing the space and the turkey and the organization, so literally every other part gets delegated. Loosen control of the rest of the dinner, dear host. Let your guests help you. It makes things much easier on you.

If you have the space and the will to create a marvelous dinner setting, who are we to stop you? Otherwise, buy some paper plates and plastic utensils — dishes are practically non-existent now. Instead of feeling the need to clean and load the dishwasher immediately following your meal, you can play games and drink more wine!

Make a playlist. Music makes the world go ‘round. Get creative and set the tone with a warm, welcoming list of tunes.   

Leftovers are nice, but only nice a couple of days after. Don’t allow tons of food to go bad in your fridge; consider buying to-go boxes for your guests (and yourself.)

Don’t allow anyone to bring ingredients expecting to cook their dish at your house. Just don’t. That’s just plain inconsiderate. Make this clear when group chatting your guest list.

Everyone should bring wine — either to enjoy together at the event, or as a gift for the host. There is no down side to this. Wine! Yay!

Make new traditions! Create games to play or initiate some type of friendly competitions. These will be some of the best memories your friends will look back on. Enjoy, friends!