The Best Way to Avoid Windburn is to Prevent It

The Best Way to Avoid Windburn is to Prevent It

Let me guess. You’re a skier. Or a snowboarder. Or a winter runner. Or maybe you just love the outdoors in the winter. You’re also probably no stranger to windburn — a painful, unsightly souvenir you pick up on your skin after a day on the slopes or a run in 30 degree weather. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine a day in the cold and no red windburn or sunburn to show for it. Say it isn’t so! But it is… keep reading to learn more.

What is windburn?

Windburn is the result of low temperatures paired with low humidity when you’re outdoors doing the things you love! These two things can rid your skin of its natural oils, consequently leading to red, chapped skin that is dry, tender, irritated and sometimes even peels.

How is it different than sunburn?

When you’re skiing or snowboarding and the sun is reflecting off the snow, dryness, redness and irritation can come from sunburn. This type of irritation can be a combination of both sunburn and windburn, but lucky for you, both can be prevented with one awesome product.  

How to prevent it

Become best friends with Ski Balm. Ski Balm meet awesome reader. Awesome reader, meet Ski Balm. Ski Balm is a thick, very effective protectant balm that has your back in the cold and in the wind and especially in the cold wind. It protects against the elements and locks in your skin’s necessary moisture.

Ski Balm protects against wind and SUN

Not only will that pesky windburn not happen on Ski Balm’s watch, but it also contains SPF 40 sun protection, so sunburn won’t be anywhere to be found either!

Still, take added measures because windburn sucks

Make sure you’re preventing windburn as much as possible and layer on hats, earmuffs, scarves and ski masks. This step is totally optional, though. Ski Balm protects your skin so well, you can, in fact, ski naked.