What Type of Skier or Snowboarder Are You?

What Type of Skier or Snowboarder Are You?

Whether you are dreaming of slashing through fresh powder or hoping for a quiet day sipping hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps next to a fire in the lodge, we can all agree that spending time on the mountain is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries and reset your hectic life. Luckily for you, Ski Balm has tailor-made bundles that slide seamlessly into your winter lifestyle. Read on and see which one is right for you!


The life of the slopes 


You absolutely never hit the slopes alone. What's the point of going to the mountain if you aren't with your buddies? The Powder Pack will make you the hero of the slopes. With six 0.6oz pucks of Ski Balm, you'll have enough to hand out to all of your friends (and maybe even some randos).

The ski junkie of all ski junkies. 


Skiing is your life. All summer long, you dream about nothing but white mountains and countdown the days until you're back running the slopes. The Black Diamond will keep you covered all season long. Six 1.5oz Ski Balm pucks means that even though you're constantly on the slopes, you won't have an embarrassing goggle tan.

The ultimate ski trip planner 

You need... THE PARK RAT

You're a chronic over planner. You've been planning this trip for months ㅡ you know exactly what you need to bring, what amenities your resort has, and what slopes have the best reviews. You also know that you need a lip balm in every pocket, because you're bound to lose some. The Park Rat gives you 6 #SkiNaked lip balms so you can keep one in your bag, one in each pocket, a back up in the room, and still have a couple to share.

The one that enjoys a little bit of everything 


You're more about the après than the ski. The best part of every mountain trip for you is the beer at the end of the day in a hot tub with a view. With 2 koozies and 2 SKI-NAKED bumper stickers, everyone will know you're the life of the party. Plus, you have 2 Lip Balms and 2 1.5oz Ski Balm pucks for when you finally have to hit the slopes again.

The brand loyal skiier 

You need... THE LIFTY

You’re a dedicated skier and you’re not afraid to show it. With a SKINAKED bumper sticker and a Ski Balm koozie, you’ll be flaunting your love for the mountain. Plus, with your 1.5oz Ski Balm puck and #SkiNaked lip balm, everyone will be impressed by how prepared you are.

The lone skier

You need... THE LODGER

As a solo skier, you're a ski day purist. Hours of shredding the mountains alone mean that you get uninterrupted time to enjoy everything the mountains have to offer. With a lip balm and a 0.6 oz Ski Balm puck, you'll be protected on your ski day, PLUS a koozie for your end of day beer.


No matter what type of skier or snowboarder you are, Ski Balm has got your back. With all kinds of bundles, you can be sure you’re getting the right one for you ㅡ whether you’re a solo skier or the life of the party — all while maintaining a face free of sunburn and windburn.