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Windburn Protection with SPF 40 CONTACT US 1.888.336.2030

Sun and Wind Burn Protection All Year Long

Sun, wind, cold temperatures and even extremely hot days can wreak havoc on the skin, but don’t let that stop you in your tracks. Adventure Balm is the well-rounded facial balm that protects against all of those outdoor woes. With SPF 40 sun protection, moisturizing formula and non-greasy, waterproof non-comedogenic properties, it’s your one-stop-shop defense to keep your skin protected while exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.  

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Sometimes, your skin needs more than sun protection alone. With Adventure Balm, you get SPF 40 sunburn protection, wind burn defense and a non-greasy formula all in a waterproof balm that is going to hold up in harsh conditions like cold temperatures, extreme wind or high heat, to name a few. Whether you serve vacationers, outdoor enthusiasts, bikers, runners or watersport-lovers, Adventure Balm is a product your customers are sure to value. 

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