How Ski Balm Works

As much as we love a day on the slopes, we've seen firsthand what it can do to the skin. Flying down the mountain with cold wind blowing in your face is definitely exhilarating, but leaves your skin chapped and irritated. Meanwhile, the sun’s UV rays are beating down, adding sunburn to your list of concerns. The cold, wind, snow and sun create a powerful assault against the skin, stripping it of moisture and leaving it red, chapped and flaky. This combination of severe dehydration and sun damage is referred to as windburn, and it's not pretty.

A day on the mountain shouldn’t be ruined by windburn and sunburn — that's where Ski Balm comes in. Our natural balm creates a breathable, noncomedogenic layer of protection on the skin, protecting it from windburn, and locking in moisture. 

We've also added performance sun protection, SPF 40, for the ultimate defense against sunburn. And it goes on clear, so you can look as good as you feel.

Just slather on a liberal amount before hitting the slopes for complete skin protection. Go ahead, ski naked. We've got you covered.