The Original Ski Balm - Windburn Facial Protection

What Is Ski Balm?


As much as we love a day on the slopes, we've seen firsthand what it can do to the skin. Long days on the mountain with cold wind blowing in your face is definitely exhilarating, but leaves your skin chapped and irritated. Meanwhile, the sun’s UV rays are beating down, adding sunburn to your list of concerns. The cold, wind, snow and sun create a powerful assault against the skin, stripping it of moisture and leaving it red, chapped and flaky. This combination of severe dehydration and sun damage is referred to as windburn, and it's not pretty.


Ski Balm prevents the goggle tan that so many skiers and snowboarders know too well!

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 Why Does It Work?


Ski Balm is made from a wax-gel base that locks in moisture and forms a microscopic barrier between your skin and the elements. Whereas many competing products are made with a greasy petroleum jelly base that will clog pores, Ski Balm's proprietary wax-gel formulation is non-comedogenic and will not cause breakouts.

Windburn Facial Protection, Windburn, Skiing, Snowboarding, Face Protection, Lip protection,

Don't Take Our Word For It. Check out What Our Customers Are Saying!


This balm is perfect for protecting my face during windy, cold conditions. I have rosacea and am very sensitive to changes in temperature on my skin. Ski Balm is not greasy and is just a super thin layer on my skin to protect it from the elements. Washes off easily. Doesn't seem to clog my pores. Just bought a second tin to keep in my daypack. -Robert 
This is THE STUFF to use to prevent windburn. No matter how great your sunscreen is, it won't help prevent your skin from getting burned with cold winter air. The Original Ski Balm is my new jam. No more red goggle face! - Brandy
I am very fair/sensitive skinned, so skiing is really hard on my face with the dry air and wind. I used Ski Balm on my most recent ski trip, and this is the first time in years that I didn't come home wind burned and embarrassingly red! It's my must have for skiing now. - Marci