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The most awesome product you'll ever put on your face, the one that started it all. Rub it on in the morning before you hit the slopes and save your face from wind and sun damage. You’ll look great for après ski, happy hour, and tomorrow, nobody at the office will know that your sick day was spent on the mountain.  Ski Balm has you covered, so you can go ahead and #SkiNaked if you want.

Our ingredients won’t clog your pores, but they will protect you from windburn and sunburn with SPF 40.

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We are the Original Ski Balm — as seen in GQ Magazine, the premier men's publication for all things men's fashion, lifestyle and culture. Check it out here.


Tested Under The Harshest Conditions:

Ski Balm was developed in some of the best ski terrain in the world: the Colorado Rockies. We’ve tested for efficacy in high altitude, severe cold and wind, and good old Colorado sunshine. We wanted to create a product that would protect your face from the windburn that these harsh conditions cause. What we call “windburn” is a combination of severe skin dehydration and sun damage – Ski Balm protects against both.

What Is Windburn: We know you've been there - you come down after an awesome day on the slopes with a bright red "goggle tan" on your cheeks. What you're looking at is actually much worse than a tan - it's windburn.

When out on the slopes all day, your skin is exposed to cold winds that suck the protective moisture barrier off your skin, leaving it dry, chapped and irritated. On top of that, the sun reflects off of snow and exposes your unprotected skin to UV damage as well. This combination of severe dehydration and sun damage is referred to as windburn, and it's not pretty.

Our soothing balm hydrates and protects against the redness, chapped skin and flaking caused by a day on the slopes.

Customer Reviews

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D.C. (The Bronx, US)
No Customer Service

Contacted customer service, as container was not sealed and balm was not soft. Never received a response.

J.S. (San Jose, US)
What happened to this stuff?

I've been buying Ski Balm for probably seven years and it's been great. I use it for cycling. The consistency was always a bit tougher than vaseline, but still easily spreadable. Now it's hard as a rock, and goes on flakey and creates an absolute mess. I heat it up in the toaster oven to make it a bit softer, but it's still a pain to put on. Can you fix it? Thanks.

M. (Dallas, US)
Hard unspreadable

Bought my first original ski balm in Colorado years ago and loved it as it was a soft white texture. this product was hard, yellowish, unspreadable and could not get it out easily from container and onto my hand. Did the formula change?

J. (Nashua, US)
Does what I needed it to do

Bought this because I was tired of having a wind burned face from the motorcycle. It works great. You don't need much at all and this can will last me a lifetime.

J.D. (Manlius, US)
Ski Balm is the Best

I am outdoors 3 to 5 hours a day. Ski Balm is my go-to moisturizer and sun block. This product does not irritate my eyes and does not have a foul taste when I apply to my lips. When I am at 10,000 feet skiing Ski Balm protects me from the sun's rays and the mountain's cold air. J.D.